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  • Breakfast Meatballs

    When you are transitioning to Paleo or AIP Paleo from a standard American diet (SAD), one of the most difficult meals to reconfigure is breakfast.  We've all grown up with cereal, toast, pancakes, muffins, waffles, etc., etc.  Breakfast seems to be almost entirely grain-based, with the possible exception of a slice of bacon, ham or sausage here or there along with a fried egg.  Add in the milk, cheese and coffee and pretty much everything around breakfast becomes something you realize you ...
  • Avocado Ice Cream

    When you remove dairy from your diet, as well as sugar, well, it seems like the days of enjoying a bowl of ice cream are over. Not true!  Avocado based ice cream is a fantastic alternative that you can make easily. Once you have the basic recipe down, you can make all sorts of additions and flavors that you really enjoy.  Let me know what some of your favorite flavors of avocado ice cream are.  I like pineapple-lime.  It's almost like a pina colada!  
  • Guacamole

    Living in New Mexico most of my life has given me a great appreciation for guacamole done right.  They're a staple in Mexican Food restaurants and adds a great healthy fat to your day.  Fresh and creamy, it's a great accompaniment to dinner or as a snack.  I can eat it with a spoon, I love it that much, or eat with pork rinds (make sure the ingredients on your pork rinds are just pork skin and salt).  It's also great with plantain crackers, plantain chips, or even on steak! Enjoy!
  • The Connection Between Food and Autoimmunity

    Food Matters Well, obviously.  Nothing like stating the obvious, right? But, if you have an autoimmune condition, it adds an extra measure of importance. I have Celiac disease (I HATE the word disease by the way).  So it was clear from the beginning of my autoimmune struggles that food was a critical piece of it.  My body was developing antibodies against itself, ruining my intestines as a result.  Enter a gluten free diet and I felt better. Until I felt worse again.  And ...
  • Kale Chips

    There are tons of recipes out there for kale chips.  Here's my version.  This works fine with other leafy greens as well.  One of my favorites is beet greens.  I find I can eat almost an entire bunch of greens all by myself when I make them this way.  It's also the only way the picky eater in my family will eat her kale.
  • Memorial Day Survival Guide

    We all have them, holidays that for one reason or another just don't work for us.  Whether it's awkward family get-togethers, expectations that we don't live up to, or that others don't live up to, for some reason it's a holiday that can bring those all to the fore. Officially it is meant for us to remember those who died serving our country.  My father and father-in-law are both veterans and I thank God each of them survived their war experiences and know that there are many ...